Discover Max for Live devices for Ableton Live. Made for artists and producers by Monomono Audio mastering house


Versatile colour box, inspired by the classic Studer tape decks of three generations of recordings

Add beautiful tape saturation to your audio with three distinct characters


Program dependant compressor with smooth character suitable for master bus or instrument operation

Optocomp's gain reduction and operation principle are modeled after classic optical compressors

Curves EQ

Following the steps of the popular and revered Pultec EQP-1A3 passive equaliser, with the famous “Pultec trick” up its sleeve — this device delivers a fat low-end, crispy, saturated mid and transparent top.


Analog feel and warmth in an easy-to-use and easy-to-master package. Don’t let the limitations and simplicity of this device fool you — it’s incredibly versatile and deep. Its hardware counterpart can be heard on thousands of popular records and this reincarnation has been designed with utmost attention to detail.

Complete Monomono Package

Get all Monomono Max Devices at a special bundle price. Everything you need for mastering your music. Package includes: Curves EQ, Optocomp Compressor and Tape Saturator.


Modeled to provide the sound and experience of working with hardware

Fine-tuned by engineers to do all the heavy lifting for you

Designed and engineered in collaboration with artists

Tunable component tolerances simulating analog behavior in stereo operation

Optimised for Push 3 Standalone

Monomono is a mastering house based in Riga, Latvia. We’re a collective of engineers and artists aiming to create the best tools for producers.

Why Ableton Max Devices?

Most of the artists we’re working with are using Ableton Live to produce their music. We’re using it as well, as it’s a wonderful tool for musicians and engineers with a great set of composing and mixing tools available.

While there are plenty of incredible plugins in the world, we felt there was room to bring our ideas directly to your Ableton workflow.

While most of the plugins have a code obfuscated for obvious reasons, we felt the opportunity to actually look behind the curtain and see the process is valuable to understand what is happening and how it works. We appreciate the transparency Max devices bring to digital signal processing.

Our experience at mixing, mastering and engineering and the power of Max, allowed us to bridge the gap and provide a new set of native-to-Ableton, beautiful-looking, and sounding devices that are easy to use and enjoy.